A few weeks ago I gave a talk at AirConf 2014, a virtual conference organised by my friends at AirPair, about what's new in Django 1.7. Here's the video:

Update 2017: AirPair's videos seem to have vanished.

I kept the slides simple, on purpose, as most of the interesting stuff was in the code demos. You can find them here anyway.

A quick aside about speaking at this sort of virtual event. There's a very noticeable lack of feedback, since you're talking to yourself rather than a room full of presumably-interested people. It makes it very difficult to judge whether the talk is going well, or even if anyone is actually listening - compare to a normal conference, where you know that if everyone is immersed in their laptops rather than looking at you, the talk isn't catching their imaginations.

Still, I think the talk was well received, and I enjoyed giving it.


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